Creating comprehensive plant identification programs since 1994

Flora ID Northwest, LLC has been progressively developing, refining, and expanding its programs for identifying plants, using the software platform produced by XID Services, Inc. for the past 20 years.  In doing so, we have created the largest species level plant identification database ever produced.   As a result, we have a variety of quality products that meet the needs of wildflower enthusiasts, high school classes, professional botanists, researchers, government agencies, and university instructors.

We are committed to providing the best possible plant identification software.  Over the years we have continued to make improvements designed to keep the process simple, while reducing the chance of misidentifications, updating nomenclature, adding photos, and incorporating new plant discoveries.

Because of the desire to ensure that purchasers have the best product available, we provide purchasers of our PC versions with free updates annually upon request, though we do charge a nominal shipping/handling fee.

We have now also stepped into the realm of small portable devices, and have produced wildflower apps for Android devices.  (See announcement to the left of this page.)  These apps are the most comprehensive wildflower apps anywhere, including 85 to 95 % of all the known non-grasslike flowering plants, both native and introduced, that grow wild in each state or region for which they are produced.  This means annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees as well.  All 29 apps are now available on the Google Play Store, and the Amazon store, covering of 18 western and central US States and 4 Canadian Provinces.